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The sad truth is that long distance relationship cheating is incredibly common.

With long, lonely nights, both of you may forget what you’re fighting for. If you’re suspicious that he or she has started to move on while you’re out of town, don’t sit around and wait for the hammer to drop.

I have been happily married to my wife for two years. She claims that all of these encounters occurred within the first four years of our eight year courtship.

Two of the men were one night stands (college vacations) and the third was a man she dated briefly while we were broken up for three months.

Apparently a recent scene caused in the hotel’s lobby got TI’s extracurricular exploits with the model exposed…and a hotel employee with loose lips spilled the beans to Sandra Rose: I will say that the hotel employee has receipts that shows T. was a registered guest (under his government name) and that a female’s name was added to T.

I.’s room as someone who had 24/7 access to his room.

We are a British based Company and our unique scheme covers London/South East & East Anglia plus Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam & New York.I always believed that I was the only man to ever sleep with my wife. Now I feel as if my relationship has been cheapened. Is the fact that she told me this her way of saying she loves me?I still love my wife dearly, but I find myself just a bit jealous now. I have slept with other women, but those encounters were before I ever met my wife. Dear Alan, How you feel is perfectly understandable.Interestingly, the altercation in the hotel went down about a week prior to T. and Tameka going on vacation together with their children.Despite prior reports that all was well in the Harris household…a VERY reliable source exclusively revealed to BOSSIP that this one is 100% true and Tiny is 100% PISSED. TI and Tiny seem like the type to be in it for the long haul — regardless of side-piece shenanigans. Hit the flip to get a closer look at “Ana” and see if she’s worth Tip risking it all…

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