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Touch Commerce ensures chat is not offered to visitors unless agents are available. Routing visitors to agents with specialized knowledge leads to higher conversions and satisfaction. Escalations or transfers from care to sales are necessary.It was an historic election result that swept away the political mainstream in France.Centrist Emmanuel Macron last night took a giant step towards the French presidency by winning the first round of voting and will battle far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a May 7 run-off.The significance of Sunday's vote has been reflected in the French media this morning, with one newspaper saying there had been a 'big bang' moment that marked a 'clean sweep of the past'.We ensure that chat is offered to the right customer at the right time.Contextual Engagement Right Touch supports multiple ways to engage live agents, including proactive chat, reactive chat, and exit chat. Dynamic windows persist as consumers navigate the site so contact and context are never lost.They want answers right away, and the inability to answer their questions quickly can drive these customers away from your site.Prompt live assistance makes the customer feel that their needs are being met.

Engage Before Visitors Abandon Sixty percent (60%) of consumers are likely to abandon online conversions if their questions are not promptly addressed.

In comments published by Syria’s official news agency, SANA, the embattled leader called on Western states to stop aiding “terrorists,” a term used by Syria’s government for all insurgent groups.

France backs Syrian rebel groups and has been a particularly vocal opponent of Assad during the nearly five-year conflict.

L'Ouest France newspaper warned that although Macron had not yet won the presidency, 'he succeeded in his operation: pulverising the old political world.'Liberation called for 'vigilance' after writing that the National Front had achieved the 'highest score in its history' at a presidential election.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad suggested Saturday that French support for opposition forces in his country’s civil war led to the Islamic State-claimed attacks in Paris that killed at least 129 people.

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The liberal newspaper L'Opinion suggested yesterday's vote marked 'a brand new page in the history of the Fifth Republic'.

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