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During raids on 38 locations in the territory, 114 people, including the alleged mastermind and his wife, were arrested.Documented cases of worker abuse, including the successful prosecution of an employer for subjecting Erwiana Sulistyaningsih to grievous bodily harm, assault, criminal intimidation and unpaid wages, are increasing in number.In Hong Kong Cantonese, 女傭 (maid) and 外傭 (foreign servant) are neutral, socially-acceptable words for foreign domestic helpers.For a while the public school educated defendant was able to continue at work until his addiction to cocaine and extreme sexual behaviour caused him to become 'withdrawn and unable to function at work'.Dr Poon Wai-ming, a pathologist, said Miss Ningsih's body was found in the foetal position in a suitcase.

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Whether foreign workers should be able to apply for Hong Kong residency is the subject of debate, and a high-profile court battle for residency by a foreign worker failed.

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