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“I believe it’s a perfectly appropriate role for the government — this happens by and large at the state government level, because they’re the ones that have the public health responsibility — to determine whether or not immunizations are required for a community population,” Price said, “whether it’s growing kids or the like or whether there’s an outbreak of a particular infectious disease, whether or not an immunization ought to be required or be able to be utilized.” While states are already in charge of immunization policy — and they require certain vaccines — Price’s less-than-rousing endorsement of mandatory immunization threatens his organization’s mission. “Herd immunity.” Immunizations protect individuals from becoming sick, sure, but if you immunize enough of the population, you can prevent rampant outbreaks from getting a toehold in the first place.

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However, if sufficient numbers of children in a community are immunized, the vaccinated ones protect the unprotected by effectively stopping the chain of transmission in its tracks and drastically lowering the probability that the susceptible child will encounter the bacteria or virus,” said Katz.

Community immunity also helps protect children and adults whose immune systems are compromised or weakened because of another illness or old age.

When a vaccine was introduced at the end of that decade, the number of cases fell to 15,000 by 1960 — and 1,700 by 1980.

By the end of the year, magistrates had issued more than 200,000 vaccination exemptions.

Antivaccinationists in England, other parts of Europe, and the United States were active in publishing, speaking, and demonstrating about their objections to vaccination.

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The New York City Board of Health told the Health Department to devise a plan to ensure the purity and potency of diphtheria antitoxins sold in the city. Congress passed "An act to regulate the sale of viruses, serums, toxins, and analogous products," later referred to as the Biologics Control Act (even though "biologics" appears nowhere in the law). Public Health Service to oversee manufacture of biological drugs.

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