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The supporters of Charles I almost won the day - all thanks to his doughtiest defender, Humpty Dumpty.

In pole position, as it were, on top of the church tower of St Mary-at-the-Walls (Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall) their gunners managed to blast away the attacking Roundhead troops for 11 weeks.

Dating from as early on as the Viking period in England, some are records of political and religious upheaval; others explore aspects of daily life, scandals and gossip.

Make 6 - 8 miniature diapers cut from a real diaper.

Stick one miniature candy bar in each diaper - mini Hershey's, Mr. Kind of smash the candy a bit so you can't tell what kind it is.

Put a number on the back of each diaper and have a list to match up the candy bar.

The guests then pass the diapers around writing down their guess in order.

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She must be tired of wearing the same costume for so long, see if you can pop it up and make it more modern!

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