Outlook slow updating cached messages

When you right click and go to properties on some of the folders I have been having problems with, the "Initial view on folder:" in the Administration tab is showing "Normal".

In the problematic folders, you have the option to select "IMAP folders".

Microsoft introduced Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook 2003 and it's been the default configuration ever since.

This behavior can be changed using a simple registry change, or, as I recommend, using Group Policy.We're talking 5 to 10MB of attachments on many of his daily emails.I have never figured out why it has become so acceptable to send such large attachments. Our industry happens to be aircraft sales but the same scenario could exist in Real Estate, automobiles, yachts or any business that needs to send lots of photos back and forth. The executive will work all day on the office computer, log off and then work all evening on the home office computer.Outlook Online Mode means that you have a direct connection to the Exchange server.It also means that you can only work with your messages if you are connected to the server, you will also find that Outlook can sometimes run poorly if your Internet connection is very slow or unstable.

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