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Like i Tunes, Purple Restore communicates with devices using a usbmux connection.Purple Restore uses "Restore Bundles" which can be obtained from a server specific to a version of i OS, such as protocol can only be accessed through Apple's internal VPN which means that the tool is essentially useless, because it can only install currently signed i OS.The second part of this tutorial explains the steps to unlock your i Phone: Part 2(a) is using ultrasn0w for supported baseband only or Part 2(b) is for Gevey SIM for i Phone 4. Download original i OS 6.1 firmware (IPSW) from here. It’s highly recommended that you save it on your hard drive for future use.

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It provides far more customization than i Tunes, and it is usually used to flash internal firmware to prototypes. This tool can (and is meant to) handle multiple restores.

Little is currently known about which versions it "supports" for restoring as such. When performing restores, Purple Restore color coordinates the device in the table and when the device is about to receive the Apple Logo it will turn the background color of the screen to the color assigned to the device.

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